great timing for a hardware failure

Here’s a little lesson, folks. When your computer gives you this:
pink line on my macbook pro screen :(

Do not hesitate to take it in to the Apple Store (because you need your laptop for homework and/or can’t bear to be without it)… or else it will eventually lead to this:

Then, when you take it in to the Apple Store, they will run some tests and come up with this:
my macbook pro's graphics card is fail(I really wasn’t supposed to see this, but I did, and I secretly took a picture. I really hope this doesn’t get anyone in trouble and/or fired, sorry! All in good fun.)

Anyway, my MacBook Pro is now at the store, waiting for a new logic board. It’s not like I have 2 videos to produce for class. It’s not like I have 3 papers to write. It’s not like finals are fast approaching. It’s not like MY LAPTOP IS MY LIFE or anything. Oh wait, IT IS.

hello world: 5 random facts

I’m taking a production class this quarter based around YouTube – awesome, right? One of our first assignments was to add to the “5 random facts” meme. I could not for the life of me get rid of the awful saturated color cast… in fact, I think I made it worse. And no, I’m not a paid shill for Nutella ;)

You can see some of the videos my classmates made in this YouTube group. I really like that there are only 10 students in the class, pretty cool for an undergraduate course.