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hello new york city

28 Jul

New York City is such a neat place. I’m having a great time… so much so that I barely have time to sleep! I’d like to share some moments with you guys, and what better way to do it than in music montage?! Featuring: Twilight Techno by Dimrain47 For more updates from the city, follow [...]

youtube production class, behind the scenes!

15 Jun

Behind the scenes during the production of one of our interview pieces. And with that my friends, my first year at UCSD comes to a close… whew. So now what? Summer time, New York, and Next New Networks. :) More on my super duper exciting summer plans coming soon!

great timing for a hardware failure

30 May

Here’s a little lesson, folks. When your computer gives you this: Do not hesitate to take it in to the Apple Store (because you need your laptop for homework and/or can’t bear to be without it)… or else it will eventually lead to this: Then, when you take it in to the Apple Store, they [...]

eye contact

21 May

Another video I made for my YouTube class. This time we used a PXL-2000, a toy camcorder made by Fisher Price in the late ’80s. Presented to you in Pixelvision, this is why I am so awkward in real life: Featuring music from brad sucks’ source for “fixing my brain”, check him out because he’s [...]

hello world: 5 random facts

14 Apr

I’m taking a production class this quarter based around YouTube – awesome, right? One of our first assignments was to add to the “5 random facts” meme. I could not for the life of me get rid of the awful saturated color cast… in fact, I think I made it worse. And no, I’m not [...]