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Looking for more recent posts? I moved to Tumblr!

11 Oct

Read my blog Annieisms on Tumblr, read my tweets @annieisms, or look at my latest photos on Instagram.


10 Oct

Ahem, after posting my last link… this is really embarrassing to admit, but my life is completely cluttered right now. Let’s take a moment and rewind back to June 2008, at the conclusion of final exams – I was completely stoked to move to New York for the summer. I shoved most of what I [...]

IANAM: I am not a real model

21 Aug

…but it sure is fun to pretend! Look at me awkwardly pretending to be a model. My friend Jesse is an amazing photographer. He shoots fast cars and cute girls that actually know how to pose. We go waaaay back to elementary school. Back in April, he got a sharp new lens and decided to [...]

my next new summer plans

19 Jun

It’s summer, my favorite time of the year! Some extremely exciting stuff is going down in the next three months – I’ll be interning at Next New Networks!!! (yes, so exciting that it warrants the usage of 3 exclamation marks) But first, I should back up a little bit and give you an example of [...]

my life is tapper

21 May

Remember that game Tapper? You played a bartender and you had to keep your four bar patrons happy by refilling their empty mugs each time they sent them sliding down the bar. If you were good, you got tips. If you weren’t good, the empty mugs shattered to the ground, costing you a life in [...]