ACS Relay for Life

ACS Relay for Life, April 18-19th, 2009

On April 18th-19th, my team and I will be walking the track at UCSD’s RIMAC field as part of the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. We’ll be there for 24 hours, camping in tents alongside the track overnight, walking and walking and walking. :) The event will start at 10am with a survivor’s lap and ceremony. There are two weeks left until the relay, and I’m pretty excited!

My fundraising goal is currently set at $100. It’s hard for me to ask people for money – especially when money is tight for everyone – but please donate if you can: Every $5 counts!


I sprained my ankle Friday night

It swelled quite largely and now it is bruising.
sprained ankle
I stepped off a ledge onto a cushioned bench while wearing pretty tall/heeled boots. The squishy-ness of the bench cushion made me lose my footing and I rolled my ankle outward. This is the same ankle I sprained 6 years ago, pretty much in the exact same way. Oops. I’m icing it and keeping a wrap on it. Unfortunately, this makes my ballet final a little, um, difficult.

drop-crotch pants

bonny's funny t-pantsRemember when we all LOL’d at Bonny for making these crazy t-shirt pants at her DIY Tee/Tea Party? That was a little over a year ago. I guess Bonny was just ahead of the curve, and we didn’t know it.

Apparently these crazy pants are going to be a trend this spring… and they have a name: drop-crotch pants. The Sartorialist spotted it last November (and “for homme”, no less). The Fashion Police have made not one but two posts on harem-like pants. They even come in capri and shorts flavors.

I can’t help thinking, “Hey, that person didn’t finish pulling up their pants!” Please, say it ain’t so. MC Hammer is laughing right now.

spring quarter, maybe.

spring quarter, maybe.
This is my schedule for spring quarter. Four-day weekends? Aces. (but I’m not a complete bag of lazy, I’m working MWF!) It will probably change, as I am waiting for approval in two alternate classes I’d rather be in… I’ll still have three-day weekends though.

I am playing with a tumblr. I resisted at first, because I felt like tumblrs were mostly just reblogs… but oh my gosh, the simplicity… it’s brilliant. I haven’t quite decided what I want to do with it yet, I’m mainly using it as a feed reader for friends’ tumblrs for now.