Ahem, after posting my last link… this is really embarrassing to admit, but my life is completely cluttered right now.

Let’s take a moment and rewind back to June 2008, at the conclusion of final exams – I was completely stoked to move to New York for the summer. I shoved most of what I owned from my apartment in San Diego (to make room for my subletter/bff) into 4 giant boxes, and drove home to Los Angeles.

Once home, I was thrown into the flurry of “run all LA errands / see all LA friends before leaving for 3 months” mode. What ended up happening right before I left for New York was an all-nighter of rifling through my boxes, picking out what I’d need for 3 months the city, managing to fit everything into 1 suitcase, 1 carry-on, and 1 backpack.

*3 glorious, wonderful months in New York pass by*

I landed back in LA, completely exhausted, with my luggage count having increased by 1 medium duffel bag and 1 large shopping bag. What?! How does that even happen? Honestly, I didn’t shop that much while in the city (everything is so expensive!), but I assume it was random knickknacks and swag.

I was on the ground in Los Angeles for less than 12 hours before I was on the road again, camping with my family. Literally, I got home, fell asleep on my bed, woke up, added a couple swimsuits and a beach towel to my carry-on, and climbed in an RV.


After that glorious week of camping, I had a family wedding to attend (whew!) Finally, for my last few days at home, I was thrown into “run all LA errands / see all LA friends that I have not seen in 3 months” mode. See a pattern here?

My goal for that last week at home had been to sort out everything in my boxes, get rid of the junk I didn’t need/want, and consolidate into [hopefully] less boxes. Uh, except I ran out of time. So when I moved back to SD, I just chucked the boxes back into the back of my car and drove back to my apartment. Which brings me to now…

My life is still in boxes! (This is the most embarrassing, over-share item I have uploaded thus far on the internet. I am so ashamed.) So far my procedure for getting organized has been:

  1. Pull stuff out of the boxes as I need them.
  2. When I’m finished using something from the boxes, put it back where it properly belongs.
  3. Whatever is still in the boxes at the end of a month should be of little value to me and therefore donated/recycled/etc. RIGHT?!
  4. Tell myself there is a method to my madness.

The end. =/