my next new summer plans

It’s summer, my favorite time of the year! Some extremely exciting stuff is going down in the next three months – I’ll be interning at Next New Networks!!! (yes, so exciting that it warrants the usage of 3 exclamation marks)

But first, I should back up a little bit and give you an example of why Twitter is so much more than, “What are you doing?”. Last February, I had lunch with some of my favorite people, Steve and Zadi. Tim got wind of this via a little blue bird. Steve then asked (without my knowledge!) the very question I had posed to them during lunch. The rest, as they say, is history.

june 19th, 2009: my last day in LA

Whew! This is extremely exciting for me in so many different ways: 1) Next New Networks is, in my opinion and others’, a pioneer of new media. It is truly an honor to have the opportunity to work alongside so many creative and talented people; 2) I’ve actually never, in my 23 years of existence, been to New York before; and 3) New York! NNN! New York! NNN! New York!!! NNN!!!

Tomorrow I’ll be on my way – I’m flying Virgin America, so who knows, maybe I’ll livestream the whole thing ;) I’ll be in the city for 12 weeks, so GET EXCITED!