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  1. Annie,

    I have not visited your site in some time, and was I surprised to find your class YouTube video. Great technique with the old videocam. BTW, I know this is random chance, but May 21 is my birthday.

    The topic of eye contact is something I am aware of and had to help my wife learn how to make work for her.

    We live in the U.S.A. I was born here, and my wife is from the Philippines. Most Asian cultures do not value eye contact. From what I understand, direct eye contact with an older family member or senior co-worker can be seen a sign of disrespect in many Asian cultures.

    Not so in the United States. Eye contact, (not staring), is expected during face-to-face convrsations, and at meetings. My wife had to learn to look directly at the person she would talk to to during meetings or during one-on-one converstation.

    Your discomfort with eye contact has deep roots.

    However your video was simple and brilliant as a means of showing this!


  2. Hey Annie

    Cult scene !!!

    Avoiding eye contact apparently means being coy deceitful etc , knowing you I don’t think thats the case .

    Trying to be attractive maybe . Not to say s….

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