great timing for a hardware failure

Here’s a little lesson, folks. When your computer gives you this:
pink line on my macbook pro screen :(

Do not hesitate to take it in to the Apple Store (because you need your laptop for homework and/or can’t bear to be without it)… or else it will eventually lead to this:

Then, when you take it in to the Apple Store, they will run some tests and come up with this:
my macbook pro's graphics card is fail(I really wasn’t supposed to see this, but I did, and I secretly took a picture. I really hope this doesn’t get anyone in trouble and/or fired, sorry! All in good fun.)

Anyway, my MacBook Pro is now at the store, waiting for a new logic board. It’s not like I have 2 videos to produce for class. It’s not like I have 3 papers to write. It’s not like finals are fast approaching. It’s not like MY LAPTOP IS MY LIFE or anything. Oh wait, IT IS.

my life is tapper

Remember that game Tapper? You played a bartender and you had to keep your four bar patrons happy by refilling their empty mugs each time they sent them sliding down the bar. If you were good, you got tips. If you weren’t good, the empty mugs shattered to the ground, costing you a life in the process.

Lately my life has felt very much like a very real version of Tapper. I’m constantly shuttling between school, work, studying, keeping up with the internet, and even keeping up with my personal life. All these mugs to keep constantly filled… I’m surprised there isn’t a pile of broken glass at my feet. I’m really excited for this quarter to end – only 3 more weeks, but 3 very hellish weeks.

I have so much to catch up on. Apologies to those people and tasks that might have slipped through the cracks in the last 8 weeks. MAH MUGS NEED REFILILNG!

Balance. sigh.