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4 Mar

Need to follow this so I can do more of this: (Justine, Shawn, and me, at Scripps Pier) and this:

I sprained my ankle Friday night

2 Mar

It swelled quite largely and now it is bruising. I stepped off a ledge onto a cushioned bench while wearing pretty tall/heeled boots. The squishy-ness of the bench cushion made me lose my footing and I rolled my ankle outward. This is the same ankle I sprained 6 years ago, pretty much in the exact [...]

drop-crotch pants

2 Mar

Remember when we all LOL’d at Bonny for making these crazy t-shirt pants at her DIY Tee/Tea Party? That was a little over a year ago. I guess Bonny was just ahead of the curve, and we didn’t know it. Apparently these crazy pants are going to be a trend this spring… and they have [...]