spring quarter, maybe.

spring quarter, maybe.
This is my schedule for spring quarter. Four-day weekends? Aces. (but I’m not a complete bag of lazy, I’m working MWF!) It will probably change, as I am waiting for approval in two alternate classes I’d rather be in… I’ll still have three-day weekends though.

I am playing with a tumblr. I resisted at first, because I felt like tumblrs were mostly just reblogs… but oh my gosh, the simplicity… it’s brilliant. I haven’t quite decided what I want to do with it yet, I’m mainly using it as a feed reader for friends’ tumblrs for now.

behind the scenes: t-shirt promo

Last Friday I had lunch with two of my favorite people: Steve + Zadi. It’s always nice to catch up with them (and laugh as we watch a guy walk straight into a crotch-height gate… with his crotch). Chatting with them made me miss our very epic summer, so I found some clips of us being silly while filming a t-shirt promo:

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