666 flickr photo meme

Several (and I mean several) weeks ago, the darling Angela Sauceda tagged me for the 666 photo meme, and a week later, Tim Shey tagged me also.

1) Go to the 6th page on your Flickr.
2) Post the 6th photo from that page.
3) Tag 6 people to do the same.

Here is mine:
august 3rd, 2008: very cute and fuzzy news coming soon
August 3rd, 2008 – This is one of my “daily” Photobooth shots, capturing my GIDDINESS over some forthcoming cute and fuzzy news: the adoption of our two lolcats, Maggie and Winnie!

I’m tagging:
1) Justine!
2) Tricia!
3) Adriene!
4, 5, 6? = fail. I feel like everyone has been tagged already, I guess mine is the 663 meme. ;)

Thanks Angela + Tim!

second week

It’s Monday of the second week of Winter quarter, 2009. Winter Break went by REALLY QUICKLY. See, my family moved during the first week of break (goodbye, wonderful house of 8 years), and I was stranded without internet access while the cable was rewired at the new house. I have to admit, it was nice to step back from the computer for a few weeks.

I went to Disneyland twice with Justine, saw the Curious Case of Benjamin Button (loved it!), met up with lots of friends and loved ones that I hadn’t seen in over 10 weeks, saw family on Christmas, celebrated on New Year’s Eve, and voraciously read through the first two books in the Twilight series.

I have a backlog of photos to upload to Flickr (because of the lack of internet), but first, I have to remember that I’m back in school and I have over 400 pages to read this week, and a paper due in 4 hours. bleh.

january 12th, 2009