allow me to introduce…



This is Justine. She is so many things to me: a best friend, a fellow kitten-mother, a cousin, a co-conspirator, and as of this September, a roommate… MY awesome roommate! Those of you that have been in the dark (aka not following me on Twitter), I transferred to UC San Diego this quarter and relocated to beautiful (and sometimes overly “sanitary”) La Jolla.

Justine and I live in a tiny (but cozy) apartment with Winnie and Maggie. What can I say? She’s the best roomie ever, and honestly, we’ve been dreaming about living together since we were 12. :)


cannot? can.

this is my 'pfft' faceThe longer I leave my blog un-updated, the harder it is for me to get back into the swing of things. Why? Because I put up this ridiculous barrier of perfection. The lapse of time between posts must mean I’m making something fantastic, right? So the next post must be the most AWESOME thing to ever hit the internet, or else I am a failure at life (see also: lack of videos). pfft.

Well, I’m sick of this dumb mental restriction. I need to throw some caution to the wind and just put SOMETHING on my blog. (side lulz: “Say some words, ANY words will do!”)

This is something: Happy Veterans’ Day!
Commence regular updates.