This is Maggie. She came into Justine’s and my life last Wednesday with her sister Winnie. If this doesn’t make your insides all warm and squishy, then you suck at life.

She started out super skittish and all “I’m going to hide under my bed mmkay?”, but she’s really warmed up to the idea of humans over the last week. Justine actually taught her to play fetch today. It’s crazy watching a kitten return to you with a wad of aluminum foil in her mouth. As for Winnie… oh my lord, she’s a freaking cuddle machine. I can’t get enough of these KITTEHS! ahhhalskdfjalksdjl. More pictures here.

lunching at epic-fu

True story: Micro once stole a muffin from right under our editor Daniel’s nose.

In case you haven’t been watching my updates on Twitter, I’m spending the summer at Smashface, working as a production assistant at EPIC FU (in addition to my DIY and correspondent segments as before!). Lucky me, I get to work with the best of the LA new media scene: Steve Woolf, Zadi Diaz, Rick Rey, and Sarah Atwood. IT’S AWESOME! Plus, I get to hang out with Sasha and Micro, the Smashface mascots, all day long. You can see some of the behind the scenes shenanigans on the blog!