Morning Routine, as of late

7:00 am – Wake up
7:05 am – Blink the bleariness out of eyes and get out of bed
7:06 am – Lumber over to laptop
7:07 am – Check School A for any changes in admission status
7:08 am – Check School B for any changes in admission status
7:10 am – Frustrated, check transfer student forums for any news
7:10-7:30 am – Go through various states of hope and dejection
7:31 am – Check email/twitter and be glad that at least the internets still like me
7:40 am – Plod on towards the rest of the day with the help of breakfast

4 thoughts on “Morning Routine, as of late”

  1. Do you have to do all of this so early in the morning? Wouldn’t it feel better to wait until 10am to do this craziness? No one is even on twitter at 7:30am!

    I wish you the best of luck on getting into school A!

  2. only 2 admission checks …… 7 is a bit too early for these important refresh. I try to do these things after a hearty breakfast or lunch. Good luck to getting A.

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