This post brought to you by the number 4

Good morning! I’m putting off my papers, yet again.

I was hit with that terrible cold that’s been going around. Yes, the one that starts with a sore throat and ends with you on your back, breaking ribs as you cough up your lungs. I missed a week of classes and have caught up in all but one, my dreaded English class. Writing papers is the bane of my existance. Really.

I feel much better and I think it’s because I’ve been trying to sleep on a more regular schedule. Nine hours of sleep FTW!

In other news, I was rear-ended again in February. I’m okay, and for the most part, my car is okay. The rear bumper has an imprint of the license plate of the woman that hit me. Her insurance company is taking eons to get the repair processed; it’s been four weeks already!

It’s mid-March and that means college acceptance letter season! I’m finally transferring out of a junior college after four (count ’em, F-O-U-R) years of indecision and waffling between majors. I feel like I shouldn’t talk about it because it’ll get jinxed, but so far I’m 4 for 4… but my top choices won’t release decisions until way later. Here’s to waiting out the rest of this long semester…

Spring Break will provide a short reprieve. I’m making a stop in Japan and then off to “the homeland”: Taiwan! This excites me to no end because I haven’t been back since I was four years old. I’m looking forward to visiting the night markets, the 101 building, and eating all the FOOD! DELIGHTFUL FOOD!