Essay status: not good! I am so comfortable writing about myself online, why am I struggling so much with this?

I had to write a pretty comprehensive autobiography as a big assignment for my women’s studies class. Writing that paper was relatively easy for me… the words just flowed so smoothly. It was well-organized, candid, and (I feel) a true reflection of who I am. Today it was returned to me with an ‘A’ and very flattering comments from my professor scrawled on the last page. It gave me a huge self-esteem boost and I was on Cloud 9 the rest of the day.

So what’s wrong now? Well… I want this essay to reflect that same sincerity that was in my autobiography, but every word I write feels like it will be scrutinized to within an inch of its life by some admission counselor. This is making my writing so clunky and contrived, forced and stuffy. What the heck?! I know can do better than this!

/end procrastinator’s panicked rant


In lieu of writing my papers…

This video makes me eligible now (well, the videos I did for JETSET count too). ;)
More info on The Winnies can be found here:

Oh man I haven’t edited in such a while… I’m so rusty. All the compression settings have changed, etc. Everyone and everything is so fancy now! I love all the new [slightly cheesy] background music in iMovie too, haha.