Does anyone read this still?

I have been sucked under. We got a PS3 and a Wii before Christmas (we were lucky to score such a bounty). This is by no means a review of any kind. I just like to brag about having the systems, muah ha ha.

PS3 progress: My boyfriend and I completed Resistance in co-op mode last month. I can kill Chimera!!

Wii: We have WiiSports (of course) and that’s fun, but I don’t really play it by myself much. We have Rayman Raving Rabbids, and we finished that in about a week. Pretty addicting, those mini-games. We got Zelda recently, but I’ve never played an RPG before and I pretty much suck at this game. hah.

Since I never really played video games before (besides Maaaaario!), I discovered a bunch of games from both the previous consoles’ generations, due to their backwards compatability. From the PS2, I’ve been playing Katamari. Rolling stuff around is intense! From the GameCube, I’ve just discovered Pikmin! I’m only on Day 3, but it is funnnnn. I feel like a cult leader with my little pikmin following me around.

This has been a very gamey-nerdy post; my apologies.


button.jpgI turned 21! I chose to spend the day at Disneyland (yay for season passes). They gave me a big birthday pin to wear with my name and age on it. I’m such a kid at heart, even at 21. To commemorate my legal drinking age, we did a wine tasting at the Vineyard. My favorite was a white moscatel dessert wine.

Gosh I love Disneyland! At the Blue Bayou, they surprised me after dinner with a birthday card from Mickey, and chocolate mousse with whipped cream and a candle. It was so sweet. Disney dreams really DO come true!

24 logo copyright FoxIn other news, I am soooo into 24 now. J got me started watching Season 1 on DVD last week, and we finished it in like 4 days. I’m in the midst of Season 2 right now, but I had to watch the “2 night, 4 hour” premiere. The suspense of broadcast television is killing me because I can’t just zombie out for 6 hours with the DVDs. Argh.