Archive | January, 2006

22 Jan

Oh man, oh man. This car is so cute, the Honda Fit. It has Magic Seats!


14 Jan

Featuring: my best friend Scott! ARE YOU EXCITED? A VIDEO! It’s been a long time, but it feels so good, haha. This one is from realllllly old footage (like 2 months ago, November), and a lot of it is just pictures, sorry. So anyway, Scott ditched class and we headed over to Disneyland. It’s nice [...]

6 Jan

Happy New Year!; I’m back from Big Bear. Being the only girl in a cabin with the guys was entertaining. Although, at times I felt like a mommy, passing out cough drops from my purse, taking care of my boys. Aww. Besides that, much debauchery ensued. It was great! Changes ahoy; I got a job [...]