Featuring: my best friend Scott!

ARE YOU EXCITED? A VIDEO! It’s been a long time, but it feels so good, haha. This one is from realllllly old footage (like 2 months ago, November), and a lot of it is just pictures, sorry. So anyway, Scott ditched class and we headed over to Disneyland. It’s nice having pseudo-season passes (long story). It was a really fun day. Man, I LOVE Disneyland so much, I feel so lucky to live 45 minutes away.

So much is going on in my life right now! I was in a tiny car accident on Monday (I’m fine, don’t worry), I started my new job, my road trip to NY was cancelled, and I will turn 20 years old on Monday! Yikes. I’ll be making another video post hopefully before the weekend is over, just to update the world on what I’m up to. Whew. For now, watch this video… on repeat, hah.

Man, I really missed videoblogging. :)

PS. Josh showed me blip.tv, which is a neat place to host videos. It’s great, I recommend it!

cabin panoramic
Happy New Year!; I’m back from Big Bear. Being the only girl in a cabin with the guys was entertaining. Although, at times I felt like a mommy, passing out cough drops from my purse, taking care of my boys. Aww. Besides that, much debauchery ensued. It was great!

Changes ahoy; I got a job at Starbucks; I start on Monday. I love the smell of corporate benefits roasting in the morning! Anyway, it’ll be nice to have some income. Until then, I’m kind of in a jam. I owe my mom, sister, and credit card company a hefty sum. I’m a horrible saver.

I’m taking the winter quarter off school. This means I have a break until February 21st. Justine (my cousin) and I are planning on a road trip to New York at the end of January. Since I’m so strapped for cash, I’m going to sell my video camera. :( But I’ll still make clips with my digital camera.

I’m excited for everything!!