halloween act 1It’s not over yet; Wow, it’s been a month since my last update. Unemployment has been good to me. No really, I’m serious. I’m so much more productive. This picture is from last night’s attempted festivities… more on that later.

My last post was kind of pessimistic, but really, I’m loving life. I’ve been seeing my friends more often and it is supreme-o. Lots of late nights. Lots of laughs.

Last Friday I went to the Meet the Vloggers event at the Grove Apple Store. I am such a spaz when it comes to public speaking, ugh. Thanks Zadi for setting that up. I loved meeting some of the other LA kids. Anyway, if you went to that, hello! Thanks for coming and thanks for visiting.

I interviewed with American Apparel yesterday and they want to hire me. I really do love that company, despite all the bad press they’ve been getting lately about harassment lawsuits. My interview was at the actual headquarters/factory, and it is truly an awesome company. All the employees were so happy to be there, I could feel it in the air. I also excercised my espanol malo with the service elevator operator, it was hilarious. He didn’t speak any English, but I think we had a very nice conversation. He told me I spoke muy bien. Anyway, so come next week, I’ll be slanging t-shirts at one of the LA stores. I’ve sold my soul to retail, haha.

Thursday night I went to the Nintendo Fusion Tour at the Wiltern. I have been listening to Panic! at the Disco non-stop in my car, and they put on such a great show. The lead singer and the bassist have the most hilarious dances. Loved it. I was also really excited to see Motion City Soundtrack live, since I’ve missed them the last couple times they came to LA. They are pretty adept at rocking your face off as well.

Last night I visited one of my all-time favorite people: Sabrina! We partied on the row, but it was kind of a bust. LAPD really likes to disappoint the neighborhood college kids… and on Halloween, too. For shame. :( Well, I’m not that sad; my costume was the most last minute cop-out ever: lifeguard. Halloween totally snuck up on me, darn.

Tonight I’m going to this. I laughed at the idea too, but I don’t care because Jim Adkins is playing, along with Dashboard and AAR. Yipee!

Maybe I should update more often, as to avoid these novels I’ve been posting lately. :)