Run away; I’ve been busy, yes. There have been zero video updates, I know. My [new] video camera has languished on my desk for several months now, I suck.

What have I been doing? Well, that new job I got in May stole away my summer, and ever since school started, working has driven me crazy. I quit last week; I just couldn’t squeeze in studying, and the wage wasn’t worth the stress. My last day is October 15th. My boss is… upset, to say the least. Ever since I broke the news to him last week, he’s been very curt whenever he speaks to me (which is only when necessary). I don’t know, I feel really guilty for leaving them when they’re short on staff already, but my sister says I need to learn to say “no” and take care of myself first. She’s right, I suppose. I just wish these last few weeks would go by faster.

So now I need to find a new job. Well, I don’t have to, but it’s nice to have spending money. Plus, I’m saving up for a new car, and eventually a backpacking trip through Europe (these are long, loooong-term goals). My friend is trying to persuade me to join her in the ranks of Abercrombie clones, but I’m not so sure. I don’t wear their clothes as much anymore, and besides, my retail fascination is American Apparel.

I’m also thinking about taking an extended winter break and moving up to Mammoth for a couple of months. It’s primo season to be a snowboard bum. We’ll see.

Wow, this was quite the text-heavy post; I haven’t done this in a while. Reminds me of the pre-video days, hah.