fireworks!Nothing fits like old friends; This being summer vacation and all, my friends have come home from their various universities. Yessss. I’ve missed them heaps! Tonight we watched fireworks. :)

Summer school is alright. The first couple weeks were more fun, but I guess the novelty’s worn off and now I’m just really bored during lectures. I’ve been scoring really well on everything, though, so I guess that’s good.

I bought a camcorder a couple weeks ago, but I haven’t really had a chance to use it. :(

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  1. Doug

    great pic annie!

    i love fireworks! when my friends finish with their school… the nights get longer and the hangovers much worse. they are so much trouble. why wont they just leave me alone!!!! i have to work… dont they know that!

    hope you’re having fun with the new camcorder.

  2. Carl Weaver

    Ah… It’s great to be with people you care about, isn’t it? I used to go to a July 4th picnic every year at my friend’s house and see old friends. Most of us have gone our separate ways now and are living thousands of miles apart.

    Annie, treasure this time when your friends are back. School will always be there later. The relationships are what you should savor while you can. (This coming from a teacher – who’d a thunk it?)

  3. ERIO

    if you like fireworks, you should look at valencian’s one… CABALLER & BRUNCHÚ are the World’s Champions… Their shows are just unforgotable… ^^
    but I haven’t really had a chance to use it. :(

    just go out your house and shoot…:P

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