I stenciled some shirts last year with paint for fun, but bleach stenciling is all the rage now (on LJ anyway). Too bad I’m giving this shirt away; I kinda like how it looks on me ;)

Featuring: the awesome intro to “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” by The Clash
I can’t take credit for the idea: I saw it here first.

In case you didn’t catch it, the words say “Everything you like I liked 5 years ago”. Also, this is the first video I’ve posted from my [new] camcorder. There’s not much difference in quality, I suppose, but it’s nice to have a zoom and autofocus.

more goofing off in chemStill waiting for summer; My final is on Thursday and then I’m done, yay hooray! Anyway, this erratic eating schedule I’ve been on has caused me to consume large quantities of peanut M&M’s. (But they’re my favorite!)

Sup, adipose layer?

So I bought new running shoes. I’m joining Aaron‘s club tomorrow. But mine is the Lovehandle Preventative Club.

Besides that; For the [short] month of summer that I have left, I hope to squeeze in more beach days, two trips to San Diego, Disneyland, more shows… I wish things like say, work, didn’t get in the way. argh.

I want to stay 19 forever.


Okay okay, here’s a new, lame video blog. So anyway, this was an attempt to spice up an otherwise dull lab experiment. We’re so mature, I know.

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Featuring: my friend and fabulous lab partner, Justine!

Boring science explanation: The top layer is HCl in cyclohexane, and the bottom layer is HCl in distilled water. We were testing solutions for conductivity. The HCl in water conducts electricity because water is a very polar solvent, and it causes the HCl to form H+ and Cl- ions, which are excellent conductors.

And that, my friend, is why I’m one of 5 people getting an A in the class (sorry, I need to gloat because people in our class think we’re ditzy; but really, we’re kicking ass, academically speaking).

fireworks!Nothing fits like old friends; This being summer vacation and all, my friends have come home from their various universities. Yessss. I’ve missed them heaps! Tonight we watched fireworks. :)

Summer school is alright. The first couple weeks were more fun, but I guess the novelty’s worn off and now I’m just really bored during lectures. I’ve been scoring really well on everything, though, so I guess that’s good.

I bought a camcorder a couple weeks ago, but I haven’t really had a chance to use it. :(