When do I breathe?; Summer school is consuming me. My chemistry class goes from 9am to 2pm, with two 10 minute breaks. 9am to 2pm! That’s five hours of ONE class (lecture, lab, leclab)! Then I go to work, and then I come home and collapse. Weeee!! Tomorrow I’m adjusting my work schedule to fewer hours. This is too crazy right now.

It also explains the lack of videos.

PS. Last week I wrote up this little page in between finals to answer some questions I get asked constantly (ie. What camcorder do you use? …I don’t use one)

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  1. doug

    five hours!!!! i say drop the class and head to the beach! lifes to short to spend it in a classroom and working all day!

    we want videos!!!!! =P

  2. ERIO

    oh, my god!!!! you don’t have time to breath… where did you say you were working on?? I’m sure you told us that, but i can’t remember…
    Don’t worry about the videos ;) We like your vlogs, but you go first… :)

  3. YUI

    Hi! Nice to meet you. This is Yui. I’m a Japanese girl and student. I’m studying English in university.
    I enjoyed your blog very much! and i watched your video, too. it’s fantastic! really cool.

    Summer school seems very hard. In Japan, we usually have school until end of July. So summer school is a little unusual for me.

    I have to write blog as assighment in class. I also have to write in English, so this is a good practice for me.
    Maybe i’ll be back this blog soon!

    See ya!

  4. Carl Weaver

    Annie, THis is a rite of passage. Also, when the fall semester comes around, it will seem like a breeze compared to the summer. I had your schedule for a while and hated it too, but at least I didn’t have to extend my schooling another semester.

    Good luck and keep up the good work!

  5. raster

    I used to do 10 hour school days with just three classes, each being a 3 hour studio class with a 1 hour break in there for lunch. I think it was only two days a week like that and the other two days were just 6 hours consisting of two 3 hour studio classes…

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