Bits and pieces; My sty healed up super fast! In fact, the day after I put up that video, it was all gone. I’m really relieved, because I thought it would turn into some disgusting, huge ordeal… only because that’s what happened to a girl I knew in 8th grade. Ew.

Rock!; Last night I went to see a show. First was The Academy Is…. This is the first I’ve ever heard them, and they put on a really fun live show (or maybe it was just the upbeat crowd). I danced like a fool and had a grand old time. I particulary like their songs “Attention” and “Classifieds”. Definitely check them out.

When Mae came on, I decided I would fight the mosh and get up front (instead of off to the side). I got right up to the stage barrier, except for one large, sweaty fellow in front of me. The last time I was that close at a concert (Story of The Year, sometime last year), I almost passed out from the lack of oxygen. The crowd was really mellow for Mae, so it wasn’t bad at all.

Hooray for me; My new job kicks ass. I’m working as a secretary (same as my last job) but this new place fits my personality so much better. For one thing, they use Macs. :)

Yeah; I’m heaps better! Thanks for the get-well-soon’s. :) I’m still having random coughing fits, though. I’ll stop in the middle of my sentences and hack up a lung, but I’m quite alright.

I have several things to be happy about:
1) I quit my job, yessss.
2) I had a job interview yesterday… and I pretty much rocked it! They had me ask them a bunch of questions first, and it was so much fun.
3) My new job starts this weekend and I’m really excited.
4) Threadless is having a $10 sale!
5) I might be seeing Mae this Saturday!

Justine, Tim, and I went to the park tonight to take pictures for my photo class. The park lights shut off at 10pm… and we just stayed.

Laying on our backs, looking for the North star, belting out Madonna, yeah. I need more nights like these.