Archive | May, 2005

30 May

Neat; If you liked my love picture, then you should definitely check out PIPS:Lab. It’s so freaking cool. [via Jerome, thanks for the email!]

29 May

Bits and pieces; My sty healed up super fast! In fact, the day after I put up that video, it was all gone. I’m really relieved, because I thought it would turn into some disgusting, huge ordeal… only because that’s what happened to a girl I knew in 8th grade. Ew. Rock!; Last night I [...]


26 May

Message to my white blood cells: this is ridiculous. Get your act together!! Featuring: “Pictures of Success” by Rilo Kiley.

24 May

Yeah; I’m heaps better! Thanks for the get-well-soon’s. :) I’m still having random coughing fits, though. I’ll stop in the middle of my sentences and hack up a lung, but I’m quite alright. I have several things to be happy about: 1) I quit my job, yessss. 2) I had a job interview yesterday… and [...]


19 May

Okay so I lied. I had so much time staying home because of my cold that I made a video. I don’t know why I made a face. It tastes really good actually, kinda like what I imagine sparkling orange juice would taste like.