Next blog; Ever click the little “next blog” button on the blogspot toolbar? I clicked it several times tonight. Most of the blogs are gibberish, have been abandoned after one post, or are some part of an evil scheme to boost some company’s Google ranking, no doubt. However, finding this blog did redeem the “next blog” button’s merits. It’s amusing.

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  1. ok so you disabled comments for that josh leo post above
    but man this blog flirting is a little TOO public.
    i’m not one to talk because jay and i met through our blogs….
    and he regularly posts videos of us at 2am being geeks in love
    but seriously go share a blog and swap vids…privately.
    way sexier.
    that’s what we did.
    private blogging just for 2.
    imagine that.

  2. lol. you’ve got me wrong here ryan! that wasn’t flirting, haha. that was purely [innocent] admiration of a great video josh made. i disabled comments because i didn’t want people to write “wow that’s an awesome video” on MY blog… i wanted them to leave thier comments about HIS video on HIS blog.

    you see? :)

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