Monthly Archives: April 2005

Next blog; Ever click the little “next blog” button on the blogspot toolbar? I clicked it several times tonight. Most of the blogs are gibberish, have been abandoned after one post, or are some part of an evil scheme to boost some company’s Google ranking, no doubt. However, finding this blog did redeem the “next blog” button’s merits. It’s amusing.


My sister went to Japan a couple weeks ago for vacation, and she brought back an interesting item. Erm… this is a bit inappropriate for kids, so be forewarned.

glowsticksGlowsticks; Last night, I enlisted my cousin to help me out with my night project. We really missed instant gratification, so we took this one with my digital camera just to see how it might turn out.

Pretty neato, if I do say so myself.

motionPhoto 21; I finally got around to scanning in stuff from class.

That is sooo only in LA; This assignment was to capture motion. My partner and I wandered to the preschool across the street, where a group of kids were out for recess. We asked the teacher watching them if we could photograph them for a project, and she hesitantly said yes. As I was taking the camera out of the back, I saw her quickly ripping off all the kids’ nametags.

Kids are funny; Also, the little boy sitting on the left of the bench… at first he seemed really friendly, saying to me, “My momma goes to your school!” after I told him I was from across the street. Then, when he saw me taking photos of the kids on the slide, he screamed, “STOP! This is MY class! Don’t take pictures of them!” Oh it was so funny, but I solemnly nodded and lowered the camera from my face. When he turned away, I resumed shooting.

“WRAGH! This is MY CLASS! Nooooooo!” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a blur charging towards me. The next thing I knew, the kid had slapped his hand on the lens and a finger from his other hand had found its way into my eye. (I had squatted down to take pictures from the kids’ eye level.) It didn’t hurt too much, but I was laughing too hard anyway.