Archive | April, 2005

26 Apr

Go watch!; Yet another awesome video from Josh Leo. He’s a genius.

25 Apr

Next blog; Ever click the little “next blog” button on the blogspot toolbar? I clicked it several times tonight. Most of the blogs are gibberish, have been abandoned after one post, or are some part of an evil scheme to boost some company’s Google ranking, no doubt. However, finding this blog did redeem the “next [...]


23 Apr

My sister went to Japan a couple weeks ago for vacation, and she brought back an interesting item. Erm… this is a bit inappropriate for kids, so be forewarned.

21 Apr

Glowsticks; Last night, I enlisted my cousin to help me out with my night project. We really missed instant gratification, so we took this one with my digital camera just to see how it might turn out. Pretty neato, if I do say so myself.

20 Apr

Photo 21; I finally got around to scanning in stuff from class. That is sooo only in LA; This assignment was to capture motion. My partner and I wandered to the preschool across the street, where a group of kids were out for recess. We asked the teacher watching them if we could photograph them [...]