Archive | February, 2005

26 Feb

Starstruck; Last night I went with my work friends to see a 3-act play in Hollywood. The theater was really small and intimate, and since we’re friends with the director/producer, there were free drinks to be had. The play itself was pretty funny. Live theater is just so cool. Afterwards, we wandered Hollywood & Highland [...]

21 Feb

Crafty!; Today I bought Shrinky Dinks! I can’t wait to make stuff with them, like these cute earrings. Tidbits of social wisdom; fun is what you make of it. There was potential for a LOT of fun last night, but I let other people’s attitudes influence how I felt… essentially raining on my [potential] parade. [...]

17 Feb

How can 60 million Americans be so dumb?; I usually avoid political discussion in my blog, but this is just one more sign of how close-minded our administration is. sigh.

Spring Semester

15 Feb

I started my second ever semester of college yesterday! My classes rock so hard: Nutrition, English, Speech, and Beginning Photography. They’re all pre-requisites for the nursing program, except photography. Nutrition class starts at 7am, and I honestly don’t know how I’m going to survive such an early hour (see video blog, below). I wanted to [...]

14 Feb

Wow, so I really wanted these shoes, but they are sold out of my size EVERYWHERE! *shakes angry fist at world*