Oscar and meStarstruck; Last night I went with my work friends to see a 3-act play in Hollywood. The theater was really small and intimate, and since we’re friends with the director/producer, there were free drinks to be had. The play itself was pretty funny. Live theater is just so cool. Afterwards, we wandered Hollywood & Highland and oohed-aahed over all the stuff set-up for the Oscars.

Victory is mine; I found the Vans I wanted online! They should be arriving soon, hopefully.

I’m going to see Jimmy Eat World!

Crafty!; Today I bought Shrinky Dinks! I can’t wait to make stuff with them, like these cute earrings.

Tidbits of social wisdom; fun is what you make of it. There was potential for a LOT of fun last night, but I let other people’s attitudes influence how I felt… essentially raining on my [potential] parade. Blah.

Sidenote; I accompanied my sister to a scrapbook expo on Friday. A great video blog was anticipated, but once we got inside, there were “no camera/no photo” signs EVERYWHERE. Sorry kids, you missed out.

Spring Semester

I started my second ever semester of college yesterday! My classes rock so hard: Nutrition, English, Speech, and Beginning Photography. They’re all pre-requisites for the nursing program, except photography.

my textbooksNutrition class starts at 7am, and I honestly don’t know how I’m going to survive such an early hour (see video blog, below). I wanted to commit suicide Monday morning (kidding!). I was considering dropping the class for a different teacher/time, but I rather like my teacher, and it leaves me time to take photography.

My speech class is going to be so fun, I know it. The teacher is incredibly blunt, but the class loved it. He looked at the class (mostly Asian kids) and said, “What happened to all the white people on campus?” but that’s okay because that’s the exact same thing I thought when I arrived. Seriously, I thought I walked into ESL by accident. (I’m going to burn in hell.)

My english teacher reminds me of Adrien Brody, sort of. He used to be a librarian. (!) He’s the sweetest person in the whole world and I think the class is going be a breeeeeeze. (I’ll be eating my words later, I bet.) He asked us to write a paragraph about why we’re majoring in our majors; I got carried away and wrote two pages, double-spaced. I’m such a nerd. cringe.

Today I managed to get added into beginning photography. I’ve wanted to take a black & white/darkroom class since junior year, and finally, finally, I got it. (I signed up for photo class in high school, but to my dismay, it was cut out of the program that year.)

I’m really excited.